If you are interested in volunteering, please copy the application below into an email. Answer all the questions and send it to grupo-eco@project-tortuga.org. Each volunteering member of your family or volunteering friend must send us a separate application. Please answer all the questions carefully. You will be notified in no more than 2 weeks.


Full Name:  




Phone #  


1. Volunteer Dates:  

Must be one month or longer, between June 15th to November 30th



2.  If you were selected could you pay for all of your expenses?

(Including food, lodging and transportation, etc.)

3.  What languages do you speak? How fluent are you in each?    



4.  Do you have any special needs?  If so, please explain.



5.  What is your age?   

6.  Gender?   

7.  How did you find out about us?




8.  Will your family or friend/s be joining you? 

If so, how many? 

If over the age of 18 and they plan to work with us, please enter their name(s), age(s).


Have they sent us an application yet?

8. (A) Are you willing to drive the buggy?

9.  How well can you operate a dune buggy over rough roads and in heavy rain?

10. Do you have any Volkswagen mechanic skills? 

11. Have you ever worked with marine turtles before?

If so, please explain:

12.  Do you have any special skills?  If so, please explain.




Additional Comments: