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About Us

On April 16th of 1993, Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C. received authority from the Mexican Government to begin the first environmental group in the State of Nayarit. Within the Fifth Clause of the Group's Constitution or Statement of Purpose" as follows:

Fifth Clause (as translated)

The object of the Association that today is formed is:

  • Protection of the environment along the Green Coast, with special interest inprotecting the Turtles.

  • Develop and establish programs of environment education for the community and visitors.

  • Gathering ecological information and share it with other ecological groups and government.

  • Improving the development of the communities that inhabits in this coast. As well as the undertaking of all appropriated acts that are necessary for the entire execution of the purpose of this association
Olive Ridley

Nesting Olive Ridley


Seminar on recycling and composting

Young Olive Ridley hatchling about to enter the sea for the first time

Expanding within the scope of the Fifth Clause:

  • Protection of the environment with special interest in the preservation of the marine turtles as well as all other endangered species of flora and fauna along the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

  • The preservation and improvement of wildlife habitats with special interest in coastal forest, wetlands, beaches, and rivers.

  • Provide environmental education programs emphasizing environmental accountability and preservation.

  • Protection of visual and natural resources of the coastal region by introducing alternative lifestyles, .including but not limited to acceptable methods of fishing, farming, building, and landscaping, that will in the long term minimize negative impact on the environment.

  • Assisting government agencies and other environmental groups by developing plans and programs designed to protect in perpetuity the terrestrial and marine environment for wildlife, ecological and aesthetic purposes beneficial to the public interest.

  • Improving the development of communities by providing as necessary trash containers, community clean up campaign, care and maintenance of parks, and other programs and plans as required to insure public health and welfare.

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