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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends
By the end of September we recorded 828 nests. 419 have been placed in the box nursery, 45 relocated along Playa Questo, Las Bancas and Los Chololo and 323 placed in the beach nursery.  This is about fifty more nests than the end of September last year.
In 2002, Hurricane Kenna’s massive waves swept away 25% of our beaches. Some of this sand was pushed inland but most was washed out to sea never to return.  As a result, 90% of the beach is now exposed to flooding by high waves thus destroying any nests in their path.   
We have always known that the beach nursery could be wiped out in a matter of minutes by a hurricane- a gamble that we had won up until recently.  But we never imagined that it would be damaged by a combination of high tides and storm waves since we had placed it on the highest and sunniest strip on the beach.
However, as a result of the July 23rd flooding, the first thirty-five nests were lost and then again on October 3rd we suffered another devastating flooding (see images below) that totally swamped the beach nursery.  Unfortunately, nests flooded by excessive water will in most cases fail, including either natural nests or those placed in a beach nursery.  Since most of the nests are scheduled to hatch in October we will not actually know the full extent of the damage until late October.
Now a little good news. With the help of Elvia García, our secretary, we called for a meeting between the Mayor of San Pancho and the State/Tourist Police.  In this meeting we asked for the help of the authorities to apprehend our top ten poachers and we obtained a commitment that they would pursue these individuals.  Within the first week they had arrested one poacher who may receive up to eight years in prison.
September volunteers include Lindsay, Rosie and Oliver from New Zealand; Jim and Linda, Charles and Alicia, Curt, Joslin and daughters Starlie and Summers from the USA  (see images below), all scheduled to depart between October 1st and 9th. Between October 8th and 15th we will be joined by Scott from Canada and Jennifer, Elvira and Stacy from the USA.  Unfortunately, with no overlap, the new volunteers (except Scott) will not be able to draw on the skills of the departing volunteers 
Sometime in mid-November my vacation should begin!!!  However, there is one nagging possibility. My vacation may be mired by a task that I am not that familiar with: Finding enough vacationers to rent our two volunteer apartments throughout this winter (November through May). The problem was resolved when one of our volunteers, Terri Kirk, came to the rescue with the idea of having Caren Elkan and her daughter of San Pancho Rentals handle the task of handling the renting of these apartments.  We are grateful that Caren has donated her time and services to us at no expense!  With the economy as it is, these rental apartments may be the only way of raising funds for next season.  For more information about our units, please go to Caren’s web site at http://www.sanpanchorentals.com
Weather and otherwise; hot and humid from sunup to sundown.  Despite the disappointing September rains we did end up with 34 inches by the 30th, not that good, when we should have received between 39 to 78 inches to avoid a possible water shortage, but then not that bad considering we have one more month of rain possibly.
For me there was only one good aspect of the St. Frances fiesta, the moment the music stopped for good.  The music was so ear splittingly loud and the crowds so thick- it was true madness at San Pancho's best.
We are planning to hold another Yard or Garage Sale in January.
Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100
America Latina #102
San Francisco, Nayarit, México


       Scott was there when the project began in 1992, and has returned to San Pancho for a visit every year since.
       He now owns a home in San Pancho and plans to retire here

       Beach nursery two days before the flooding.


...... Damaged beach nursery morning after on October 3rd.


... ...Lindsay, First row: Chuck and Alicia, Rosie, Joslin and daughter Starlie
       Back row: Curt and daughter Summer, Linda and Jim, Oliver in the drivers set and Father Lindsay

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