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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends ~

Officially, the last nest of the 2008 nesting season hatched on June 8th, eight days into the 2009 season. Nothing like being a late there mother. Total nests for 2008 season stands at 1,063.  The first two nests of the 2009 season were collected on June 25th and 28th.
On Saturday, July 4th, we are planning to conduct the annual river cleanup. If this newsletter reaches you in time, we will meet at the upper park on Tercer Mundo between 9:30 and 10:00am.  Our plan is to remove all trash from one mile above the bridge down to the lagoon. All plastic will be taken to the local recycling yard.
Three different improvements were set in place this season.  The first two were employed within and around the beach nursery: a new type of nest ring which is faster to make and more efficient in keeping parasites off the eggs and a new plastic fence around the nursery.  The third improvement is a new floor under the work area of the box nursery (see images below).
After three week of hot, hard work we completed the last major tasks necessary to see this nesting season off to a good start.  The work could not have been completed without a team of great volunteers.  In order that volunteers arrived in San Pancho: Rosie, Lindsay, Ollie from New Zealand and Jamie, Gale, Adrienne and Ashley from the USA (see image below).  Also see http://www.project-tortuga.org/selected.html for more information.
Weather-wise and otherwise, by June 15th, the annual November through May prevailing winds out of the southeast Pacific gave way to gentle onshore winds allowing, for the first time, a few small thunderstorms started to form over the high mountains.  By the 16th, the storms intensified and lightning could be seen in almost every direction, but no rain.  By 9:00pm on the evening of the 17th, clouds gave us a wonderful light show and showers.  On the 20th, around 6:00pm the annual monsoons arrived.
Up until the monsoons, the dust, heat and humidity had been overwhelming, with the first rains came an overnight transformation from dust to mud, and a beautiful evolution of color as the jungle changed from winter brown to a brilliant summer green.
Then, on June 19th, with the arrival of hurricane season, the first Tropical Depression passed within 116 miles northwest of San Pancho.  On June 24th, hurricane Andres passed west of us by 97 miles.  From three tropical systems San Pancho received about 4.6 inches of rain, but no wind or waves.  Total rain is year comes to 5.12 inches, by any records this amount is 400% to 500% than received in the last five years, June is generally a dry month.
I am not really sure about this one but interestingly enough, the people in town are circulating a petition asking the municipality to close the last three blocks of Tercer Mundo to traffic.  I have no problem with this although I do believe that this action will put a damper on tourism.  Work on the second segment of Tercer Mundo is proceeding well despite some heavy rains.  At this point it looks as if they are replacing all minor and major water lines and some small lateral sewage lines.

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C
Mexico tel. (311) 258-4100
America Latina #102
San Francisco, Nayarit, México



.......First row: Jamie, Oilver and Gale ................................ ..........New design of nest rings
.......Second Row: Lindsay, Rosie, Adrienne and Billie


... .. The beach nursery was rebuilt with all new frnce ................New floor design under the box nursery's work area

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