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Newsletter No. 80 - October, 2007
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Hola Volunteers, Friends, and Supporters ~

By the end of October we had surpassed all previous yearly records by 186 nests with an extraordinary 842 nests recorded to date. By January 15th, the end of the nesting season, the amount could reach as high as 950 nests! To date, we have placed or incubated about 600 nests in the nursery. In addition to the nursery, 185 nests have been relocated along the beach (no room in the nursery) and 54 nests have been taken illegally.

Without warning, we discovered that some of the hatchlings within the 185 nests that had been relocated were threatened by fire. The fire problem began when beach cleanup crews set fire to several mounds of debris (the remains of the jungle). The burning piles were below the nests or directly in the path of the hatchlings as they made their way to the sea. We quickly constructed deep ditches around the burning piles redirecting the hatchlings away from the flames.

Aside from the threat of fire, we also have a dog problem in the same area. Shortly after the first nests began to hatch, three dogs were caught digging up nests and eating the hatchlings. Luckily, their first attempt to dine on hatchling on the half-shell was derailed by the dune buggy that gave the dogs a run for their lives. After ten minutes and several near misses, the dogs made a run for an alley. The last dog was within five feet from the buggy's bumper and was about to make contact when it jumped a four-foot wide ditch that was four feet deep. The dog made the jump but the buggy didn't.

October volunteers included Curt, Joslin and daughters, Starlie and Summer, as well as Kimberly and Carlos, Les Rohssler, Dave and Johanne and daughter, Lisa. The entire crew, with the exception of Les, Kimberly and Carlos all volunteers will remain with the program until November 15th. (See photo below)

Weather wise, by mid-October, daytime temperatures and humidity had dropped to a comfortable level with nights cool enough to wear a jacket on the beach. Unfortunately, we have received very little rain this October, ending up with 38 inches, which is almost exactly the same amount that we received last year.

While on the subject of rain, I have decided to stop measuring annual rainfall. The main reason, SanPancho.com is better equipped to report weather then I am. The other problem is my location; I generally receive 26% more rain because I'm located closer to the sea.

For nearly four hours, several trucks containing a well drilling rig and large pump were parked in front of the nursery. This equipment reminded me of one hard fact: no matter how many wells you poke into the ground, or how large you make the pipelines, or how much pressure you put behind them, it is not going to get us any more water than we had before. New wells will only consume the resource faster and, in the case of drought, cause water rationing to last longer, thus affecting those who live here year round more severely than those who live here seasonally. For those who look to the sea as a source of water, go for it. Although, if you really want ample, inexpensive water, then restore the watershed before it is too late.

We are planning to print the first copies of the "2008 Homeowners Directory" early next month (December, 2007). Therefore, it is important that we receive any corrections or additions that you may have as soon as possible. If you know of anyone who would like to be included in our publication, please forward this newsletter to them.

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C
Mexico tel. (311) 258-4100
America Latina #102
San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico


...........Top row, Les, Joslin, Curt and daughters,
...........Left front, Johanne and Daughter Lisa
...........Right front, Kimberly and Carlost.

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