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..............Newsletter No. 70 - September/October, 2006
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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends ~

By mid-October, with two months of work to go, over 503 nests had been located and recorded. This is approximately 162 nests above the 2005 number by mid-October, only 2000 and 2001 top the 2006 figure by 72 and 14 nests respectably. Of the 393 nests placed in our nursery; 208 nests have hatched producing nearly 17,760 hatchlings. 77 nests have been placed in several protected areas, and should produce an additional 5,170 hatchlings by the end of October. An additional 34 nests have been taken by poachers.

September turned out to be wonderful months to once again visit and work with many return volunteers and new ones too. The lineup as they First arrived on the program was: Scott, from California, since 1991; Jim and Linda Sorter, fifth year, from California; Donny and Mariska, second year, from the Netherlands; Andres and Riikka, fourth year, from Finland; and Bronny and Jim, third year, from Australia; Alex Hansen, first year, from State of Washington; (See images below). By September 10th all of the above volunteers except for Alex will have returned home.

I would like to personally thank this year's volunteer, and all our volunteers throughout the years for their outstanding work in the pursuit to protect the marine turtle and their environment. Without your dedication our mission would have been totally impossible.

Of the twenty-two volunteers scheduled to join us this season, only thirteen made it to San Pancho. Except for the month of September these cancellations have left the program fairly shorthanded and the crew in a state of near sleep deprivation. Unless we can find and enlist one other couple to help out, Alex Hansen will be the only volunteer staying with the program until November 15th.

The total rainfall received in September measured 24.66 inches, half of this amount; about 12 inches fell on September 14th, 15th and 16th, as Hurricane Lane passed less than 100 miles offshore (See image below.) raising the 2006 total rainfall to 51.24 inches. It is important to note that without Lane's influence 2006 would have been another dry year. Other then welcomed rain, Lane caused little to no damage.

By mid-September, and after several failed attempts to repair the Dune Buggy's aging carburetor, Jim and Linda Sorter donated funds to purchase a new one. The replacement made an astonishing different in the performance of the motors. Aside from the replacement of the carburetor only $830.00 worth of small parts and minor repairs had been spent on the buggy this season. This is down from an average annual maintenance cost of $1.700. But the season is not over, and the steering gear box is on the way out.

It is the Dune Buggy's 40's birthday this year, 1966-2006, it was made in México City and Sold new at the Tepic Volkswagen dealership. Today, the only parts left of the original Buggy are the gas tank and the steering column, and the gas tank is scheduled to be replaced next week.

Weather wise, there has been no rain since September 30th with, and with no clouds to cool the landscape, the first ten days of October have been muggy and hotter than normal. The high humidly is fair indication that we may receive more rain this month. On September 16th after three days of rain the river pushed through the lagoon to the sea. It looks as if the river may continue to flow through the lagoon for several more weeks, a good indication that we may forgo water rationing the coming year..

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C
Mexico tel. (311) 258-4100
America Latina #102
San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico

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