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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends.

Up until this November, it had been over three years since the last Leatherback nest, and we were convinced that we had seen the last of them. In 1992 we recorded ten nests, and we assumed that was the norm, but the numbers progressively dropped until 1999 when the last two nests were recorded. Therefore, we were astounded when in the month of November we found five nests, all within the first month of their five-month nesting season. The nests were carefully checked to insure that poachers had not found first, and were disguised so others wouldn't find them.

Meanwhile in mid November the incubation of Olive Ridley nests in our nursery reached all time high survivable rate of 89.2%. The previous record then was set in 2000, and was 82.5%. If we remove four nests from this calculations, wherein all the eggs were sterile, the survivable rate would have been 96%. When we divide the number of nests protected this year, by the total expense of operating our marine turtle program, it comes to $12.82 per nest. Each nest produces an average of 87 hatchlings, and that's not bad when the average nest size is 97 eggs to begin with. Which brings me to the next point:

We have only two ways of funding our program, the sale of T-shirts that bears our Group Logo, and donations from individuals supporters and San Pancho homeowners, whom we owe a debt of gratitude too for their support over the past twelve years. The sale of six T-shirt, or a donation of $60 will fund the release of 400 hatchlings, which in turn should ensure the return of two adults in six to fourteen years.

Have a Great Holiday Season and a Successful New Year.

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.


Just give me five years grabs and we'll see who
rules the beach. ( 1 in 250,000 hatchlings)

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