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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends -

There is nothing like having 14,753 eggs incubating in the nursery, and three tropical storms out in the Pacific to keep one on their toes. Although, Olaf, a tropical depression, was the only storm to come close enough to produce a week of steady rain, and large waves. Olaf's rain will go a long way to keep the jungle green and slow down machetes throughout the dry winter months.

As for nest collecting, this year has turned out to be the third largest nesting Season, with only 2000 and 2001 being larger. Over 256 nests, or 24,581 eggs, have been placed in the nursery. Of the 256 nests, 133 have hatched with a release of 11,280 hatchlings, with a survival rate of 89%. Thirty-two nests have been relocated; poachers have taken twenty nests; and Olaf, washed out two nests, for a grand total of 310 nests, with an estimated 50 nests still to be collected over the next two months.

If you hang around town long enough you are bound to see some changes, some disappointing and others rewarding. The ongoing and near total destruction of our local jungle landscape is to me the most disappointing. The direct result of such foolishness is the loss of our clean, beautiful beaches which are now covered with the debris of what was once the jungle. On the rewarding side, over the past several years, I've noticed an outpouring of community pride and interest in our marine turtle program. For instance, since the onset of this season we've received over one hundred nests from members of the community. This is in stark contrast to fourteen years ago when 95% of all nests were taken for food, and many were killed each year.

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C

On the way to the sea this hatchling became
momentarily air born by a pint size onlooker.

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