Newsletter 204 ~ January, 2019
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          Newsletter No. 204 January, 2019
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Hola Volunteers and Supporters ~

Marine Turtle activities through January:  The last of 639 nests in the box nursery hatched on January 13th, producing a total of 53,700 hatchlings.  Meanwhile, the 323 nests left on the beach produced  26,350 hatchlings.  The grand total for the season will total approximately 80,050 hatchlings.  Poachers made off with about 15 nests during the season and 16 nests were washed out.

Volunteer-wise: Year-round volunteers: Manuel Murrieta, Julio and America Gonzales, Juan Flores and family, Karen Sorum and Hallie Loveridge.  November through April volunteers will be Gale Greer, Lorren Garliche and Robert and Sandra Klusmeyer.

Important to all former volunteers,  It is our policy to ask former volunteers if they would like to join us before we select new enlistees.  The best case scenario would be:

(a)   To join us for one month or longer, if possible.
(b)   To be a couple that can share one room (not necessary but helpful).
(c)   To drive the dune buggy (not necessary but helpful).
(d)   Families of three or more may need to rent a private home.

Weather-wise:  daytime temperatures in the high 70°s to high 80°s, while night time temps were in the mid 60°s to mid 70°s.  A trace of rain in January.  By mid-January, nighttime temps returned to near normal while high cloudiness dominated most days.

Our two months of extensive repair work and improvements done on the dune buggy was positively worth the effort.  Since the repairs, the buggy has performed flawlessly and trouble-free.  However, there is still one defect that has been troublesome for over a year.  Which is, noise coming from the transmission’s differential. It's not bad but is a cause for concern.  Since the nesting season has come to an end, it’s now time to bring the buggy to Santana Volkswagen's garage in Puerto Vallarta for a checkup.        

We would sincerely like to thank all 60 friends of Coyote’s that took the time to donate to his medical needs.  Veterinarians Julio and America are tending to his injuries daily.  In the first week of February, he will receive a small skin graft for the last open area on his leg.  He is walking with less difficultly and feeling more energetic. If it was not for the stitches, we would take him for shorts walks.

Unfortunately, with no more sales of the Homeowners Directory and with no more hatchlings to release, our chances to raise funds are greatly diminished.  If you would like to support us financially, please, go to our PayPal Account.  Also, we have a very nice selection of T-shirts in brand new colors. Purchasing a T-shirt is a great way to help support turtle conservation. 

Town and Country:  It is difficult to understand the logic behind building a condominium on a public beach that encroaches over the well-established Federal Zone.  Although the developers state that the placement of the structure was authorized by the Government, in due time the courts may have another interpretation of what really happened.

Besides being unethical in the eyes of the community, as affirmed by the latest Protest March of 500 residents on January 23rd, the structure is unsound simply because it is located far too close to the ocean.  In due time, hurricanes will intensify and sea levels will rise due to Global Climate Change.  Tropical storms will wash sand up to the ground floor windows, and/or wash sand out from under the foundations by 6 to 20 feet.  If too much sand is eroded beneath the structure, it will become unsafe to live in (see image below).

The disturbances that caused these waves were over a thousand miles off the coast.
 What would happen if a category five hurricane passed 25 miles offshore?
The facade, windows and doors are boarded up to protect the interior.

A letter from Georgia Hanson’s on January 27th.  “On Friday our loyal and tireless contingency of native residents (including Elvia and Erik) drove north hoping for a face-to-face meeting with Mexico’s newly elected President and they were successful!  In Tecuala, Elvia focused on getting a folder of specific information to the President’s team while Erik was able to speak directly with the President and explain the case. Erik told me that the Governor of Nayarit also spoke to the President in support of recognizing our case.  The President stated that the situation of “loss of beaches” is very important to the country and agreed to analyze the case in San Pancho.”

The peso at the end of January is hovering around 18.55, regular gasoline is $4.21 per gallon.  Propane, that was almost impossible to obtain in January, is becoming more widely available at 640 pesos per regular tank (60kg).

Frank Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100




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