Newsletter 203 ~ December, 2018
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                    Newsletter No. 203 December, 2018
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Hola Volunteers and Supporters ~

Marine Turtle activities for December.  The last 15 nests in the box nursery have been abnormally cold due to a mid-November and late December rain.  Both storms dropped night temperatures into the low 60°s.  The last box nursery nests are scheduled to hatch around January 12th.  The total nests recorded this season came to 993 producing an estimated 80,300 hatchlings for the season.  The poachers have taken 15 nests or 1.5%

We would like to thank our 51 volunteers, including many locals, and other walk-in volunteers, for their outstanding work and dedication this season. Their efforts make it possible to save over 93,000 eggs from becoming a barroom drink or eaten by the careless.

Volunteer-wise:  Year-round volunteers: Manuel Murrieta, Julio and America Gonzales, Juan Flores and family, Karen Sorum and Hallie Loveridge.  November through April volunteers will be Gale Greer, Lorren Garliche and Robert and Sandra Klusmeyer.

Weather-wise:  Daytime temperatures were mostly in the low 70°s to low 80°s. Night time temps were mostly in the low 60°s to low 70°s.  Rainfall amounted to .34 inches in December; total for the year is 49.6 inches.  In general, daytime weather has been very pleasant although nights are colder than normal.

I think most everyone has met our dog Coyote and/or may have seen his photograph.  On December 11th, he was hit by a car while playing with another dog in the street.  Since then he’s been under intensive care at Julio and America’s veterinarian clinic and here at the nursery with the help and care of Gale, Lorren, Bob, Sandra and myself.

He has no broken bones or internal injuries but he has lost some skin on his inner left thigh and lower abdomen area.  He can walk, putting little weight on his left leg. He’s eating and drinking well and is strong and alert.  Although, it will take several months for him to fully recover.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, we will no longer be publishing the Homeowners Directory.  There were several major problems that began around 2008 when many of our prime donors began placing their homes up for sale.  In 2007, we had over 164 donors but due to the economy today we have less than 110 and many of the remaining homeowners have also placed their homes up for sale or are almost impossible to find.  The other problem began when Telmex discontinued the white-pages making it impossible to publish up-to-date telephone numbers.

Unfortunately without the sale of the directory and no hatchlings to release due to the cold we may not have enough income to keep us operating throughout the coming season, but we will do our best to make ends meet.   At this point, we have only donations and the sale of T-shirts to keep us out of the red.  If you would like to help us and Coyote, go to  Contribute at PayPal  If the donations are for Coyote, mention this in the PayPal comment box when making the donation, as the accounts are kept separate.

Town and Country:  The big news is the ongoing propane shortage. Since Nov 20th, I have not seen one single propane delivery truck in San Pancho. How long this shortage is going to last is unknown.  If you have a large tank and have not run out of gas, turn off the gas pool heater, don’t use the gas clothes dryer, use the microwave, take quick showers, etc.  The shortage is beginning to cause some small restaurants and hotels to close.   Another big problem has been the internet service. It can go out at anytime for hours.

Join us in having a fantastic year
Frank Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100




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