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                    Newsletter No. 199 August, 2018
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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Readers ~

I have mentioned this several times in the past;  Face book “San Pancho turtle” is not our business address and does not officially represent Grupo Ecological de la Costa Verde.  It is a media outlet for entertainment, videos and photographs. 

Turtle activities: As of the end of August 406 nests have been recorded.  267 nests were placed within the box nursery and a total of 95 were left on the beach in disguised or better locations.  10 were taken by the poachers.  At sundown on August 30th our first hatchlings from three nest boxes poked their heads above the sand.

Volunteer-wise:  Year-round volunteers: Manuel Murrieta, Julio and America Gonzales, Juan Flores and his family and Karen Sorum.  Seasonal volunteers for the August were, Joslin and Summer Bertrand, Allison Carothers. Sean, Jan and Max Rule, Zac Wilson, Marek Bering, Michelle Breinholt, Emma Urofsky and Carol Harootunian. August Volunteers that returned home were Joslin and Summer Bertrand, Allison Carothers, Sean, Jan and Max Rule.

We would like to thank the many homeowners and home managers that took the time to turn off their lights shinning on the beach!  This is a welcomed act that will help us protect the marine turtle.  As mentioned before the best way to run off a home burglar is with several motion sensor light fixtures.  When the burglar trips the light they will not know for sure if it was someone within the house spotting their movement outside and switching on the lights to investigate!!!   And please remember to use the colors of amber, orange, red, or any combination of the three. Those are the best colors for outside gardens and can not be seen by the marine turtle..

Weather-wise:  Daytime temperatures were mostly in the mid to high 80°s and at times in the low 90°s, while night time temps were mostly in the mid to high 70°s.  Rainfall for August was 10.7 inches and for the year it came to 24.32 inches.  Throughout the hurricane season there had been very little tropical storm activity in San Pancho including waves, rain or wind.

Town and country wise:  Within the last week of August the river has begun to flow and the lagoon is open to the sea.  The peso has ranged between 17.7 and 18.7 per dollar while gasoline in México is higher than in most areas of the US.  Regular gasoline is at 19.9 per liter or about 3.90 a gallon today.

As mentioned last month the dune buggy blew it’s motor on the morning of the July 30th and was not repaired and returned to us until August 22nd.  We where able to employ my Honda CRV in its place with one concern. If we were to receive heavy rain causing erosion ditches it would limit our ability to patrol the entire beach.

Frank Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100


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