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 Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Readers

Turtle wise: Except for the hatching of a few earlier disguised nests, there’s nothing happening at all.  999 nests were recorded, and 83,802 hatchlings released to the sea.

Volunteer wise:  For the rest of the winter. Part-time volunteers: Manuel Murrieta, Julio and America Gonzales, and Juan Flores.  Full-time volunteers: Lisa Fisher, Gale Greer and Lorren Garlichs, Robert and Sandra Klusmeyer.

We are in need of several good volunteers from August 20th through mid-November.  If interested, please, go to our application webpage at Application page , follow the instructions, answer all questions carefully and send it back via grupo-eco@project-tortuga.org  Also, for more information of our activities and schedules go to Selected.

Weather-wise:  Daytime temperatures were mostly in the mid to high 70s°, while night time temps were mostly in the very low to mid 60°s.  January rainfall came to 0.01 with no other unusual weather events.

We have known for decades that marine turtles can not see the colors between red and yellow.  The company listed on this webpage: Product Turtle Lighting  has designed and produced a host of very nice yard lights that will not attract marine turtles.  The lights will prevent the death of hundreds of hatchlings and adult nesting turtles disoriented by white to blue light.

Over the past several months, I’ve endured an ever increasing amount of pain and numbness in my hands.  The pain was diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and surgery was the only option.  However, I tried to delay the surgery as long as possible which would allow me enough time to raise sufficient funding for the marine turtle program via the sale of the Homeowners Directory.

Unfortunately, by the end of January, the pain was too crippling in my right hand to continue even though, at that point, less than half of our donors had received their directory.  On February 7th, I had surgery at the CMQ Hospital.  Unfortunately I couldn’t drive, and would not be able to go door-to-door to deliver the directories as I have done in the past.

If you would like to contribute and have not yet received a Homeowners Directory, you can help by picking up a copy at Casa Tortuga, (the nursery) on Calle America Latina. I live upstairs in the duplex on the right or you can knock on Gail and Lorren’s door on the ground floor below.

Town and Country wise:  On February 12th, members of the community in opposition to the construction of the Punta Paraiso condominium staged a demonstration march.  The march may have been over a half a mile long, with nearly 1,000  demonstrators.

Also below is an image of hurricane Kenna in Puerto Vallarta. The buildings in this image are about 200 feet from the shoreline and the waves had to top a 20 foot seawall to reach them. Good luck, Punta Paraiso.  Kenna nearly hit San Pancho and made landfall at San Blas.

To the business owners in town who salivate over the prospect of more customers, you need to think this one over again.  After Punta Paraiso paves the way for more condominiums and high-rise apartments, you may envision this scenario:  Increased traffic gridlock created by a single road leading in and out of town, topped with very limited parking caused by narrow, one-way streets and hundreds of restaurant tables and chairs in the road.  Now, in front of town, the only beach is tiny and squeezed between the sewage lagoon, La Perla, Los Palmas and Punta Paraiso.

In time, many residents will become disenchanted with ever increasing crowded beaches and sidewalks, traffic jams, no place to park in front of their house.  They will begin to seek a tranquil life style elsewhere and vanish while other larger chain restaurants, bars and businesses rush in to fill the void.  San Pancho will no longer be a quant tourist destination, it will become a crowded hellhole that tourists and new residents will avoid.  We can stop this madness now!!!

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100


Hurricane Kenna in Puerto Vallarta about 200 feet from the shoreline


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