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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Readers ~

By the end of August, we had recorded over 225 nests; this is about 55% below the last five year average.  As I mentioned before, I believe that the 2015-16 El Niño is the cause of the drop in numbers.  182 nests were placed within the box nursery, while three nests were left on the beach, and 19 nests were taken by poachers, unusually high number for this time of year. 

June volunteers: on board at the end of August: Juan Sr. and Jr. and Librado Flores, Lisa Fisher, Julio Gonzales and America Tejas, Patty and Jorge Morales.  Living in the apartments is Season Rackley, Jessica Hiller, Michelle Breinholt, and Hailey Rogala, who just arrived on the 29th. (See photo below)

The following volunteers have returned home: Joslin, Starlie and Summer Bertrand, - Sean, Jennifer and Max Rule - and Mark Hiller and family.   During the peak of the nesting season, (August 20th to the 27th) there were only three volunteers left, Jessica, Michelle and Season.  Despite the large number of nests the three did an excellent job.

Weather-wise:  Daytime temperatures were in the high 80°s to low 90°s, while at times the heat index climbed into the mid 100°s at times.  Nighttime temps in the low to mid to high 70°s.  Total rainfall for July came to 20.96 inches, for the year, 38.16 inches.  Seventeen tropical depressions, storms or hurricanes formed off the coast of México; although there was not a drop of rain, wind, clouds or waves to show their passing.

Weather otherwise:  while we were on the beach at about two in the morning, (on the 6th, shortly after receiving 9.6 inches in less than six hours), the rain had ripped a two-hundred foot wide hole in the beach dumping tons of trash, floating water plants and debris across the entire beach.   We were mystified to where the huge amount of plastic and trash had come from? (See photo below.)   The next day the mystery was answered, the trash in town had not collected in five days and was piled up in the street at the curb; the 9.6 inches of rain carried the trash to the drain at Calle Asia and Tercer Mundo clogging the drain and continued down to the ditch at Mr. Ribs to the lagoon and to the beach.  The trash and plastic was quickly cleaned up that next day.

The only areas that the nesting turtle comes ashore is where there is excess light shining on the beach and the poacher knows this, while waiting there to collect her eggs.  Please turn off your back yard or outside lights and help us!!

Town and Country-wise:   The placement of the sewer pipe line through three blocks of town is finished, but no one really knows when the authorities will build a pumping station and flip the switch to operate the three lifting pumps will carry the sewage up to the new sewer plant, but it could be months to a year to finish?       

Regular gasoline is around 3.06 USD per gallon.  Regular gasoline jumped to 13.96 per litter. The peso itself has been fluctuating from 17.7 to 18.55 per dollar.

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.

Tel. 311-258-4100

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Starlie, Joslin and summer.                         Michell, Hailey, Season and Jessica.


STrash after August 6th storm washed the streets clean.. 


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