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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Readers ~

Twelve nests were found throughout the month of June, with the first of these nests scheduled to hatch on July 21st.  Over the past three months at least six turtles had washed ashore locally. As of now there is no clear explanation what is causing their deaths.  The number of nests recorded by the end of June is about half of the numbers recorded in 2015 and 2014, a hint that this coming season could fall well below a thousand nests?  The drop in June nests could also be linked to the death of hundreds, if not thousands, of marine turtles over the past several months, although it is too soon to tell.  (Note, for every twenty marine turtles that die out at sea, only one will wash ashore.)

Over the past year the dune buggy has received many modifications and repairs including but not limited to, four new LED lights which have dropped the wattage from 440 down to 80 watts, which has also stopped the burning of switches, while producing twice as much light.  All the fenders were reinforced.  A new stainless steel beer barrel gas tank was added, along with an entirely new front axel including new brakes.  A new steering column and steering wheel, clutch, brake and gas pedal assembly was installed and all new wiring.   All these modifications and repairs have made a huge difference in the buggy’s performance and dependability.  Over the past nine months the dune buggy has not failed us once on the beach despite the grueling task it is asked to perform.

We would like to thank Teresa Davis for her generous summer donation. It came at a time when we receive few donations.

June volunteers: Juan Flores Sr, Lisa Fisher, Manuel Murrieta, Julio Gonzales and America Tejas, Patty and Jorge Morales, Kate Derry, Season Rackley, Joslin, Starlie and Summer Bertrand. Juan Flores Jr. and Libardo Flores (See image below)

Weather-wise:  Daytime temperatures were in the mid to high 80°s, while at times the heat index climbed into the very high 90°s.  Nighttime temps in the low to mid to high 70°s.  The first rains of the summer began on the morning of June 15th. Total rainfall for June came to 5.2 inches, for the year, 7.74 inches.  Despite the rains the lagoon is still closed off from the sea.  No hurricane activity this year, so far?

On the 19th of June, at about 3:45 AM, a rather serious weather event occurred, (especially if it would have hit the center of town.)  About two miles south of town on highway 200, a powerful microburst uprooted quite a few trees and like a giant with a machete snapped the tops off many others. The storm dumped 2 inches in less than two hours.  A microburst is a strong downdraft created by a thunderstorm with winds up to 120 MPH.  See Microburst.


Every year at this time we are have problem with excess light at night on the beach.  Lights will lead hatchlings and adults in the wrong direction, away from the sea in the direction of artificial light.  The next morning hundreds of hatchlings are found under a light post, all having died from heat exposure.

Marine turtles cannot see red or reddish-amber light (a beautiful color for any tropical backyard or garden). Once you change the color, it needs to be shielded so light cannot reach the beach.  Please help us.  Please tell your guests and renters to turn off their backyard lights.

Town and Country-wise:  The rains have dampened the choking street dust, and within a matter of days, turned the jungle back into a lush, green jungle again.  To the marine turtles, the June rains are very necessary. They cannot dig a nest hole until the sand is totally damp.

Work has begun on the installation on the last section of a sewer pipe line.  The line will run from the old sewage plant across Calle México to Ave. Tercer Mundo, then up to the junction of Calle Asia, and across to the river bank.  If all goes well they should be pumping sewage up to the new plant in six weeks?

Regular gasoline is around 2.68 USD per gallon.  The peso itself has been fluctuating from 18.5 to 19.2 per dollar.

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.

Tel. 311-258-4100

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The first box nursery in 1998 held 120 nests
           The 2016 box nursery holds 330

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As far as we know there is no reported cases of the Zika Virus caused by a mosquito bit in the State of Nayarit. Although several cases have been reported onn the northeast side of Lake Chapala in the State of Jalisco.


As you can see from the CDC map above the
population of the aedes aegypti mosquito is
comparability light along the Northern
Pacific Coast of México as copared to the
Southwest USA and Brazil .
Librado Flores, Lisa Fisher, Patty Morales, Summer Bertrand, Manuel Murrieta, Joslin Carson, Katharine, Derry, Starlie Bertrand, Juan Flores Sr. Jorge Morales, Julio Gonzales, Cayote and Season Rackley.







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