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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Readers ~

Only two marine turtle nests were found throughout the month of March.   As I mentioned in the last newsletter, any nests found on the beach should be left there undisturbed.  Although, I forgot to mention one other important fact. If you find hatchings on the beach, you should not interrupt their journey to the sea except in the case where the sand appears too hot. Then you should carry them down to cooler damp sand and let them go free.  Please, do not bring them to my house. Also be on the lookout for dogs. They will eat hatchlings if given a chance.

The entire beach nursery, built in 2008, was removed on March 21st. (see image below).  Around mid-November, a smaller 24' x 24' nursery will be constructed in the same area. This nursery will hold up to approximately 80 nests and will produce hatchlings between mid-December and mid-March when the beach temperatures are too cold to release late at night.  In other words, hatchlings from this nursery will be released at sunset for public viewing.

Volunteer-wise:  We urgently need to enlist at least six more volunteers.  Please, do what you can to help us. We have good lodging and an interesting job for those willing to help out.  The chart below shows the time periods in which we need either individuals or couples to volunteer.


The San Pancho Weather Station is no longer online. Technical difficulties occurred recently which could not be resolved.  So, after nearly nine years online from beautiful San Pancho, the daily readings will no longer be available.
Curt, we all appreciate the nine years the station was up and running and thank you for the outstanding weather reporting. We will miss our local weather and your excellent weather reports.

Weather-wise:  Daytime temperatures were in the low to mid 80°s, night time in the low to high 60°s.  There was one unusual weather event, on the 9th; we received 2.54 inches of rain along with high winds and temperatures in the low 50°s. Not typical for March weather here. Total rainfall for 2016 came to 2.55 inches.  Until we receive another Underground Weather Station, I will be recording the local rainfall amounts but keep in mind, we are located closer to the ocean and the rainfall amounts will be a little higher.

You could see in the eyes of the young performers that the “Circo de los Niños” performance was an adventure into the realm of magic, not to mention the knowledge and skills they gained on their journey.  For the audience it was an enchanting performance. Bravo! 

While waiting for the last act to begin, I was asked to move from my seat in the back to a front-row-center seat.  Then one of the performers, dressed as a pirate, came up to me, bowed and doffed his pirate hat.  As the third act began I was delighted to see three young performers dressed as hatchlings coming out of their shells. It was a beautiful and completely unexpected tribute to our program and work. 

To the director, Gilles Ste-Croix, the performers, and the many volunteers that helped put this performance together, a heart-felt thanks from those of us in San Pancho.

Town and Country wise:  The arroyo at the bridge is only weeks away from drying up, while the lagoon has been sealed off from the sea for nearly a month.
Just to give you a good idea how we made it through Easter Holiday.  In town it was impossible to find a place to park within four blocks of the beach, while daytime traffic was in nearly gridlock, and trying to find an empty table at any restaurants at sundown was nearly impossible.  By the end of the month the peso slowly drop to about 16.7, from a high of 18.5 over a month ago.  Regular gasoline is about $3.92 USD per gallon.

Zika Virus:  as far as we know the virus has not found its way to San Pancho.  One important detail concerning this mosquito; it does not travel more than 100 meters from the source of water that it came from.  If you keep all of standing water within your neighborhood drained, the mosquito’s population will drop significantly.  Don’t forget too drop oil on the surface of standing water that cannot be drained.

In Brazil, social workers are going from door to door advising people how to indentify water sources that the mosquitoes come from, and how to protect their families from mosquito bites. That may happen in Mexico if/when it arrives here.

We close this newsletter on a sad note.  A close friend of ours, Nelly, the wife of Esteban Millard and mother of Ananda and Chantey, passed away at age 70, a week after she suffered a stroke. She was a loving and caring person that we will deeply miss.

Nelly was one of the sweetest ladies you could meet. Her generosity, innate curiosity and genuine interest in whomever she met deeply endeared her to everyone in the community.  She leaves behind a very noticeable vacancy and though one less light now shines in town, there's one more beautiful star shining overhead.


Nelly and Esteban

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100

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Beach nursery built in 08' holds 380 nests ~ Totally removed in March

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