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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Readers ~

By the end of December we had recorded over 1,227 nests, including about 60 others in the process of incubation.  The survival rate for the box nursery stands at 86%.  By the end of the season we should have released over 87,500 hatchlings.  If available, hatchlings will be released in front of town at sunset.  Look for the yellow dune buggy at around 5:30pm.

Important: We have closed our PO Box in Puerto Vallarta.  For now, our only line of communication is via email or packages sent to our street address via UPS or other delivery services.  Because there is no post office in San Pancho, please do not send us mail via the Mexican post office.

December volunteers: Joslin, with daughters Starlie and Summer, Gale and Lorren, all from the USA, and Lisa Fisher, from Canada.

Due to the economy, over the past six years our task of finding volunteers has become a difficult job. If you're interested or know of someone that would like to become involved in our marine turtle program, please contact us. (insert contact details here) We will need a lot of help this coming summer.

Weather-wise: Daytime temperatures ranged from the low to mid 80°s, while night time temps were between the low 60°s and the low 70°s.  Rainfall for November was .15 inches, while the total for the year came to 43.54 inches.  No notable weather events. Some cloudy weather coming off the equator but nice temperatures to go along with very comfortable days.

The buggy’s front axle is giving out faster than previously thought and must be completely replaced this winter.  The damaged axle is causing the buggy to become stuck while making the simplest of turns.  A used front end has been found, no problem there, but the task now is to find a month that we can live without the beast and then cut the damaged axle off the frame.  An expert welder will reattach the used axle onto the frame and make some repairs to the rear fenders.

The only good news; both wheel assemblies (hubs, brakes, bearings and back plates), are in good condition.  Although the front axle is not the only problem. The transmission, while in good condition, cannot engage reverse gear because of external linkage problems.  On the 31st, the buggy failed to start.  I gave up after several hours of work that produced not a single spark.  The plan now is to replace the entire ignition system including the coil, distributor, cap, rotor, ignition wires, spark plugs and ignition control module.

Town and Country wise:  The number of tourist in town over this holiday hit a near all time record, while traffic on Tercer Mundo was at times in total gridlock.  In an effort to protect the hatchlings from being step on and escaping a frantic crowd onlookers that numbered in the hundreds, we have moved the release from in front of town to the north end of the beach until after the holidays around January 5th.  The planters along Tercer Mundo are about 50% remodeled, although if you are parking in the area of the remodeled planter, you may want to let your passengers out before parking, as your passenger will not be able to open the doors.  At one point the peso rose to 14.75 but by the end of the year it dropped back to around 14.2, with regular gasoline at 13.31 per liter or about $3.61 per gallon.

By the end of this year, and with the help of many great donors, we are within 86% of our financial target to adequately fund next season.  The majority of the additional funds will most likely come from the sale of the 2015 Homeowners Directory, if possible, please drop by my house and pickup a copy. If not, I’ll be at your doorstep. In the meanwhile, a big thank you to all our donors.

Special thanks to Joe and Manny Hadlock for hosting a wonderful benefit dinner.

And a very special thank you to Mike and Sheila Inglis for their contribution of US$5,000.00!

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100


La Patrona Polo Club, San Pancho - Photograph by Dave Fisher.

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