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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Readers ~

Since mid-November, fifty-two nests have been placed in our beach nursery. Of that number, only four remain baking in the sun.  To date, the number of nests recorded this season comes to 1,185, with a total of 91,054 hatchlings released.

Weather-wise:  Nice days in the mid 80°s with nights mostly in the low 70°s, no rain or outstanding weather events, light to medium surf.  One noticeable change is a slight rise in the humidity over the last two weeks.
Volunteer-wise: Joslin and Summer Bertrand, US - Lisa Fisher, Canada - and Manuel Murrieta from San Pancho.  To all this season’s volunteers, if you are arriving via the Puerto Vallarta Airport, we need your flight information (date, time, flight number and airline.)  To check out the line-up for this coming season, click this link: Selected   Please do not feel embarrassed if for any reason you’re not able to join us this summer. Just let us know ASAP so we can select another applicant to take your place.  

Since 1970, both the intensity of el Niño and hurricanes have increased dramatically.  In 1997, the pacific coast of Mexico experienced a major el Niño that destroyed 77% of the nests in the beach nursery. It also produced three months of rain and three category-five hurricanes.  It is predicted that a major el Niño may once again return this summer and perhaps next summer as well.  Since an already unpredictable sub-tropical jet-stream is adversely affected by ocean temperatures, we could see some changes in our overall weather patterns this summer.

Then there was an abnormal dry spell last year between early-July through mid-August, a  period of time in which we could have received up to 25 inches of rain but instead received only one inch.  This six-week drought was caused by a fifteen-hundred mile wide, near stationary, high pressure system along the Mexican border.  In any case, the combination of these abnormal weather events could make things very interesting this coming summer. Stay tuned... 

Town and country wise: Both the sewer plant and gas station have been constructed but are not yet operating.  By May, the peso was 12.85/13.00 per US dollar, regular gasoline was US$3.82 per gallon.  As spring break came to an end and as daytime temps began to rise, the number of tourists also began to fade.  New construction is idle, remodeling of new shops and hole-in-the-wall restaurants is evident throughout town.

Aside from being an outstanding show of teamwork, “El Circo de los Niños” under the direction of Entreamigos, has done what few communities around the world has been able to achieve.  Their facility has given both children and adults a place in which they can cultivate their education, ideals and realities which, in time, has pushed aside differences and intolerances.  

In early April, I plan to be on the road to California visiting friends, attending to business matters, purchasing supplies, etc.  I should  return to San Pancho around mid-May.  In my absence, Joslin, Summer and Manual will be tending to the marine turtle program while Lisa will be handling the phones.  I leave behind some unfinished business. This winter I failed to connect with at least a dozen prime donors and, as a result, the turtle program has a shortfall of over 14,000 pesos, sob!!   So... if you would like to help out, we have T-shirts and Homeowners Directories to exchange for a donation. Joslin and Lisa will be here to help you.
311 258-4100

There will be no April or May newsletter

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100


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Coming up this summer                                          A bad problem repaired!!

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