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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Readers ~

Despite heavy rains shortly after Christmas, and a lengthened incubation period due to the cold, conditions within the beach nursery were better than expected, producing a success rate that was almost as high as the box nursery, about 83.3%.  Total nests recorded to date came to 1,186, total hatchlings released was 89,400, total nests taken by poacher came to 57 or .048%

If circumstances of today had remained the same as they were in 1990, whereas many females were slaughtered by the local restaurants, 95% of the nests were taken to sell or for food, and dogs dug up and ate what few hatchlings and eggs that survived the carnage, there would be very few marine turtles today.  On the other hand we have released over 763 young females, all under the age fourteen, which have not yet return to our beaches to nest for the first time.  We also know that there were another 580 females just over the age of sixteen that had returned to join the original small group of 90 turtles that last season produce over 1,475 nests.  If all females returned at maturity, by 2030 we could expect over 3,150 nests, but still this is only a fraction of the Pre-Columbian numbers of tens-of-thousands.

As you know, it is our policy that no hatchling will released at sunset if the beach condition are warm later that night.  On the other hand, if we again experience unusually cold weather between mid-November and the end of December, the sunset release will again begin on January first as it did the year.

The dune buggy had just received its annual rust removal and paint job, otherwise there was only one small repair job??  Although we sadly had to replace the steering column, last original part installed on the buggy in 1967.  The replacement moved the steering wheel three inches closer to the driver, up by three inches away from the knees, placing it directly in front of the driver, and replaced the worn steering gearbox.  It was odd (except for needing new seat covers) that the steering column was the only repair job necessary after such demanding season?

Weather-wise, overall temperatures range generally between a night time low of 64° to a daytime high of 84°, otherwise there was no outstanding weather events or rain in February.  The lagoon sealed off from the sea, has become unusually wide, and begun to attract winter birds, but to date there are little signs of any surface water plants.  The beaches are smooth, clean, and as it has been for centuries, the beach is narrowing at the north end and widening at the south end, especially in front of town.

Curt and Cele Hahn moved to San Pancho from San Miguel de Allende in 2007, and brought with them the first Underground Weather Station, which was activated in mid 2008.  We are very fortunate to have state-of-the-art, up-to-the-minute weather forecasting, especially when other larger more prominent cities go without.  Go to http://www.sanpanchoweather.com/  and if you appreciate their work go their blog at http://blog.sanpanchoweather.com/ and let them know.

Volunteer-wise. Joslin and Summer Bertrand, US - Lisa Fisher, Canada - Zsofia Cserhati, Hungary - Norma Patricia Rodriquez and Manuel Murrieta from San Pancho.   I have no idea what happened this Fall, but for the first time in over ten years we quickly enlisted enough volunteers for this coming summer, although we could us a little more former staff members that are able to rent their own homes.  See selected for latest update.

Town and country – As most of you know the internet bandwidth between 6AM to 10PM sucks, at times the ping is 2,575 ms – download speed is 0.03 – and the upload is speed 0.00.  Although there may be help on the way, around the first of February Telmex crews were pulling what I believe may have been another fibro-optic cable into the Telmex station on Calle Pakistan, lets hope that new cable will bring us stronger bandwidth.  In the meantime several people in town a have filed a bitter complaint with Telmex for their inattentive service to our town, regarding bandwidth.  And believe-it-or-not there is a “Help wanted” sign in front of our gas station, it just may be that they are looking for a new night watchman?   Although the intersection in front of the station is still very dangerous.  

Trying to find the last few (22%) sponsors that have not received a Homeowner Directory is a frustrating, time consuming job, but unfortunately one that is necessary.  We are, as we have been since Wall Street tanked the worlds economy, short of funds for next season.  Over the years friends have subjected many ways we can better handout the directory, but in the end, it comes down to only one, door-to-door.  And to make matters worse, the remaining sponsors are impossible to find despite driving endless miles.

I have an idea that may work, at the end of each year when the number of unsold reach 25% or less, we will try a different method that may achieve better results.  A method that will save wear-and-tear on my car, save us money and at the same time be as fast as lightning.  It involves sending a donation via PayPal, when received I will place your name on the inside of the cover of a directory, later you can pick it up, or I will deliver it to your doorstep, or if you wish I can mail it to your address.  Please give it a try, we badly need help with this problem.  

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100


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