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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends ~

Our hearts are heavy with the recent passing of Jerry Hinsvark and Paul Hale and, two San Pancho long time residents and friends.  They will be missed.

On the early morning of November the 28th, we found a Leatherback nest on the beach, the first one in five years.  The nests was left in place, although since the incubation period is 90 days there is possibly some concern about beach erosion.  There is a good chance that the mother turtle may return since the Leatherbacks nest six times a year -- every two weeks.

At the time we rebuilt both nurseries, I felt when that our big expenses for the year had come an gone.  Then, just as we were finishing work on the two nurseries, the buggy’s motor and one tire were destroyed by fire.  Okay, almost everything the group owns has been rebuilt and repaired now --what else could go wrong?   Just as I began the print the first 200 copies of the homeowners directories (our main source of income) both our printers failed, and by the end of that day I discovered that it would take weeks to repair them.  With the help of a computer friend in Puerto Vallarta I was able to purchase two used commercial printers, which solved the printing problem, but was costly.

The total cost of all these abnormal expenses has taken our treasury down to its lowest point in a decade.  To recoup our losses we will continue to sell our T-shirts, collect donations during our sundown hatchling releases, and sell the Homeowner Directories.  Although we are hopping that sales of the directory will save the day,  to make it work we must sell a few more, while asking the donors to please give a little more.

It’s Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for.  Everything the group owns has been refurbished, and the best of all, setup time next season will be reduced to a few days instead of several months under the broiling sun.  Although it was hard work, we are thankful for the record number of nests collected and hatchlings released.  And I am very thankful for the wonderful group of summer volunteers, and for their outstanding work, a special thanks to you all. 

By the end of November a record breaking 1,390 nests were recorded of which 896 were placed in the box nursery, 306 placed in the beach nursery, 114 were either moved to better locations or left in place on the beach, and 44 nests were taken by poachers.  By mid November, the temperatures within the box nursery dropped below the recommended incubation temperatures, thus all nests found beyond this date are placed in the box nursery.  Although with warmer than normal winter temps, along with no rains, these nests should do well.

90,811 hatchlings were released by November 30th from:

63,482 hatchlings at 85.9% (box nursery, from 782 nests)
     349 hatchlings at   7.5% (beach nursery, first group of 50 nests)
18,232 hatchlings at 73.5% (beach nursery, second group of 306 nests)
  8,748 hatchlings at 80.3% (from 114 nests moved to a better location or left in place)

Estimated hatchling and nests after the end of November:
11,057 hatchlings at 85.8% (box nursery, from 114 nests)
  1,925 hatchlings at 77.0% (beach nursery, from 29 nests)
  1,270 hatchlings at 77.0% (beach nursery, from 17 nests not yet found)

Estimated number of hatchlings released by season’s end, 105,063 at an overall 82%
Estimated nests recorded by season end 1,407 or 350 nests above all other years.

Due to a cancellation, one of our four apartments is up for rent throughout the months of December and January, all utilities paid with maid, name your price, if the price fits, you have a deal.  Call (311) 258-4100 or e-mail grupo-eco@project-tortuga.org   If we fail to rent this one the Group have to pay the rent out of our meager funds.

Weather wise,   daytime temperatures were in the mid to high 80°s, while nighttime temps are warmer than last year’s, which were in the mid to low 70°s.  Due to warm temps, nighttime humidities were a little higher than normal.  Total rainfall this year came to 38.75 inches.  The river has stubbornly kept the Lagoon open to the sea despite several attempts on the part of the sea to close the gap.    

Volunteer wise,  through November: Joslin, Summer and Starlie Bertrand, and Gale Greer are from the US, Sabrina Frank from Germany, John Butler from Ireland, Kim Arthur from Australia, and Patricia and Peter Riley from Canada.  (See photo below)

Copies of the 2013 Homeowners Directory can be obtained at my house, or call and I will deliver.  There is one change in this year’s directory, except for San Pancho telephone numbers, all other telephone numbers have been moved out of the sponsors pages to the phone directory in the back in order to open space.  If you have, or know of someone that would like to be listed in our yellow pages, please e-mail me the information.

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100


Sort of a Thanksgiving, brithday, and end of season party


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