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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends ~

Nest collection in June is normally a little slow, about six to twelve, and this season is no different with eight nests recorded.  So far there have been two nests taken by poachers.
As mentioned in the earlier newsletter the old box nursery has been completely disassembled down to its smallest piece and slowly reassembled after each piece had been treated with termite repellent and received two coats of paint.  If all goes well, the termites will not be able to chew through paint.  By the end of June the columns had been reassembled, (see photo below).
To ensure that the new nursery was high and dry, we had four tons of soil delivered, and within two days we had it spread out, leveled and tamped, but as you can see from the photo below we will need another half load of soil to finish the job.   To support the 24 points where the shelf columns touched the ground, we will place two concrete blocks treated with termite repellent.  The target date for completion is July 12th.  (see photo below)
Weather-wise, the first thunderstorm and rain of the season arrived on June 17th at 12:40 in the morning. It was less than a quarter inch, but a cool relief.  A week prior to this storm the temperatures and humidity had been unbearable.  It was enough to change the landscape from dust to mud in a matter of minutes.  This is an unusual season in the respect that we have received over eight inches of rain in the past six months, over four times the normal amount, but the river is still dry.  The beaches are clean of debris and smooth, while the water of the lagoon is low, but the lagoon is not covered with water plants as it has been in past years.  Inside under a fan, the days are comfortable, but hot if your crazy enough to walk out in the sun.  On July 1st, we received 1.66 inches of rain.
The old Ford truck was expensive to drive, while on the other hand, the new 2000 Honda we have received from Carol, has only a 15 gallon tank and can make four trips into Puerto Vallarta with gas to spare.  If my calculations are correct, we are now getting 29.3mpg.
The Plaza del Sol seems to be one project that is going well (see photos below). Although the San Pancho Pemex station has been temporarily put on hold, although the Sayulita station opened on June 29th.  Otherwise, the holes in the cobblestone streets are slowly being patched, one street at a time.
The peso, depending on where you exchange the dollar, is running from 13.35 to 13.75, regular gasoline is running from $2.30 to $2.40, in mid June the pesos had reached a all time high of 14.74.  For those with US or Canadian license plates that need help registering your vehicle with Customs after renewing you FM-3, drop my house.
Volunteer wise, in mid-June we received the first two and in the last week of the month we will received two more.  In the order that they arrived: Katy McGinnis, Kathrin Gansera, Joslin and Starlie Bertrand.
Arriving in July are Jessica Schmidt, Mark Hiller, Mary and Morgan Schumacher.

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100

honda     termite

The twelve support columns ready to install                    Leveling the box nursery floor

honda      termite

Plaza del Sol reconstruction project, no booth for venders, although beautiful new restrooms      

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