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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends ~

The final count of hatchlings released from the box nursery came to 54,430, at 87%, not that bad at all.  The last 40 nests in the beach nursery are hatching around 85%, also very good. The high survival rate of the beach nursery is the result of favorable weather conditions, including warm, sunny days, no rain and no killer storm waves.  The grand total of the 2011 nesting season from both the box and beach nurseries should fall around 65,200 hatchlings released to the sea.
January’s volunteers were Patricia Riley and Diana Trahan, Diana will stay with us through the year.  Just a reminder to all former volunteers, let me know if you can join us for part or all of next season. It is important that we schedule you in first, before new volunteers are enlisted.
In early June we are planning to move the box nursery within four feet or parallel to the front wall, and extend it’s length by 12 feet.  The expansion will increase the capacity by 90 nests and cut the number of nests placed on the beach by more than half.
Weather-wise, daytime temperatures reached into the high 80°s while some night time temps have dropped into the chilly, low 60s°  No rain or killer waves but a lot of unwelcome clouds.  The water level in the lagoon has dropped a little and, as of yet, there is no sign of surface plants.
As a result of the gentle, although nonstop, rains of last July/August/September, (about 36 inches) most moisture was trapped on land.  This is in stark contrast to 2010 when we received 55 inches of rain that for the most part was quickly washed out to sea via violent floods.  In other words, gentle rains are beneficial to wildlife, the jungle and humans alike because they keep the moisture on land.  Now let's carry this thought one step further. What would happen if we managed the watershed to hold as mush a moisture possible?  How?  By not clearing or trimming the jungle unless it is totally necessary. Remember, sun-baked soil, void of vegetation will not retain water.  
By the end of January we had sold about 120 Directories to 150 residents that are listed on the Sponsors pages of the Homeowners Directory.  The 120 copies sold represents about 75% of the funds needed to finance next season.  If you have not received a copy yet, please drop by my house or call 258-4100 for a special delivery.  
The repairs on the dune buggy were accomplished with few problems, although we discovered that a persistent, six-month problem with fuel/carburetor was nothing more than air trapped in the fuel pump.
Town-wise, on January 16th, remodeling construction of the Plaza del Sol and adjoining streets, Calle México, Angelia and Cuba, began.  The colonade's roofing, which, by the way, was on the verge of collapsing, will be rebuilt while Calle México, Angelia and Cuba will be resurfaced with interlocking blocks.  This type of road construction will allow standing water to drain through the block, while hopefully end the problem of choking dust and the clatter of vehicles falling into countless potholes.  Funding will come from the state of Nayarit.  I know this will come as sad news to many but there will be no disco music for at least three months while repairs to the plaza are underway.   The snails at the Pemex station are preparing the approach into the pumps so perhaps we may have gasoline by June if lucky. (See images below).
We have one two-bedroom apartment available for rent through April and May.  Unit two is furnished with a complete kitchen, towels, sheets, blankets, and all utilities paid including high-speed, wireless internet.  It is located in a very quiet neighborhood next to a beautiful golf course and park.  The price is $750, and if interested, contact me at 311-258-4100.or Caren of San Pancho Rentals at 311-258-4320   (See photos below)

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100

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Plaza del Sol Remodeling                                       Resurfacing of Calle México

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New Pemex Station in San Pancho                                       Unit two for rent

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