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Looking forward to the day when the last hatchling slips into the sea, but at this point that may not happen until mid-March.  By December 31st only twelve boxes remained on the shelves within the box nursery, they may be ten days late, but they seem to be doing well despite the cold.  By the end of the season the box nursery should have produced about 54,500 hatchlings at a survival rate of 87 %.  The beach nursery now contains forty nests that should begin hatching around January 12th.   By the end of the season the beach should have produced about 10,300 hatchlings, for a grand total of 64,800 más o menos.

Due to the steep banks on the north end of the beach we will be releasing all hatchlings in front of town.  Look for the dune buggy to see the exact location.  Because hatchlings are not accustomed to the cold, we will also be releasing during sunset while the sand and air temperatures are still warm.  Remember, hatchlings may not be available every evening, and may not be available beyond mid-March.  

December’s volunteers were Joslin, Summer, and Starlie Bertrand, Thomas Marhold, Patricia Riley, Frances Myers and Diana Trahan.  I would like to thank all our volunteers for putting up with my nagging and for allowing the privilege of directing such an outstanding team of workers.  Patricia Riley  and Diana Trahan will stay with us until the last hatchling is released.

Weather-wise, daytime temperatures were basically within the mid to high 70s, nighttime within the 60s, aside from many cold nights, December weather was  pleasant, with no rain, killer waves, wind, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and a few clouds. 

The goal behind the creation of the San Pancho Homeowners Directory is the same today as it was from the beginning, it is a gift given to our contributors in exchange for a donation.  It was also designed to help homeowners know their neighbors, locate community businesses, as well as being a road map, calendar and a local phone book. 

There has never been a set price per copy, it is up to the each contributor to set the price.  Although keep in mine that each copy costs about 125 pesos to produce not counting labor, while the average contribution is about 800 pesos.  One hundred percent of all donations collected go towards the support of our marine turtle program in the most cost efficient manner possible.
-  Everyone within San Pancho with a telephone number will be listed in the phone book and if they wish they can be list their businesses within the yellow pages.
- The sponsor’s pages are dedicated to members of the community that actively support the marine turtle program with an annual donation.
- Listings are removed from the Sponsors Pages for several reasons, including:  no interest in contributing, hardly ever in town, or had not returned our request for updated information. Although please remember that they remain in the phone book and yellow pages.
-  Anyone can purchase a copy. If I have not been at your home, just drop by my house.

The buggy made it through the season with few major problems but a lot of quick to fix breakdowns.  After the holiday when most tourists have vanished, a small leak in the seam of the gas tank will be brazed, it will be sanded and painted, and a twelve inch section of frame that supports the motor will be replaced.  At forty-five years old its in good health.

Town-wise, nothing is really happening down here. Except there has been several parades, several holidays, some events at Plaza de Sol including a the annual Art Festival.  Construction of the gas station is once again showing signs of progress.  The peso is running between 12.8 and 13.6  pesos per dollar, gasoline is around $2.80  a gallon

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100


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