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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends ~

The season is off to a good start. On June 14th, we received our first nest and by the end of June we had saved a total of four nests.  For now, all nests will be placed in the beach nursery at least until mid-July then they will be placed in the box nursery until it's filled, then back to the beach nursery.  On our first run across the beach we were pleased to find that 98% of the beach-front lights were turned off. Keep up the good work neighbors, and remind your guest to keep the back porch off!
Unfortunately our enlistment of volunteers is only at 71% of the number needed. See http://www.project-tortuga.org/selected.html for the latest vacancies.  This year's group hails from the USA, Canada, UK, Lithuania and Australia. June volunteers were, Elizabeth Kimball Key, Kevin Klemmt, Melissa Younkins and Laurynas Pukenas.
Weather-wise,  days were in the mid 80°s to low 90°s while night temps were generally in the mid to high 70°s, gentle winds and lower than normal humidity up to the end of May.  With a little help from Hurricane Beatriz we received our first rain on June 22nd, not much, but a start.  Although, on the morning of June 27th we received our first big thunder/rainstorm of the season. To date, total rainfall is approximately 3 to 3.5 inches.  The beaches are exceptionally clean, with many small cliffs to make our work interesting, and normal surf.  The surface of the lagoon is slowly being covered with beautiful water hyacinth, while its water level is about seven feet below the high-water mark.
Town-wise, no real earth shattering news here, although it seems that construction is on the rebound once again.  Both foreign and domestic tourism has dropped off to near zero and most shops and some restaurants have closed for the summer.  The race between San Pancho and Sayulita to see who can finish their gas station first is leaning towards San Pancho, (see photo below). The dollar/peso is floating around 11.7, while regular gasoline is at US$3.06 per gallon, sunset is at 8:47 PM.
I guest the sad message didn’t get out to everyone. Our beloved dog, Frieda, the town's roaming ambassador of goodwill was poisoned along with three other dogs about two months ago.  I am not sure but I think that robbers were trying to break into a meat locker but the dogs in the area were sounding the alarm.  The thieves may have returned in a day or so with meat laced with powerful poison.  We miss her very much. (See photo below)

The tasks listed below must be completed by July 15th.
Dune Buggy
- Have new seat cushions made
- Replace/adjust front brakes
Beach Nursery
- Replace the front gate
Box Nursery
- Remove everything from the nursery and clean
- Wash the inside of the nursery
- Reinforce the nursery structure
- Replace the top with new plastic
- Replace both doors
We were able to sell about 143 copies of the Homeowner's Directory, with fifteen sold to non-homeowners, a record there.  The total cost of producing this year's directory came to 14,492 pesos or 101 pesos per copy.  We have two left if anyone is interested.

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tel. 311-258-4100

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