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Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Friends ~

Finally did something that we should have done years ago, replace all four buggy fenders with stainless steel, (see photo below.)   These fenders should be good for at least a decade.  Beside the replacement of four fenders, we replaced one dead battery and all six badly rusted lights.  Otherwise it appears to be in good shape and hopefully will cause us little problems this summer, although that’s what I said last season when we walked into a series of small but troublesome repairs.  I can’t see that happening again this season, but we’ll see.  

Weather-wise this month, highest daytime May temp was 86° and the lowest was 62° during the rain.  Within the first days of May we received at my house .15 of an inch of rain that did litter more than rinse off the landscape.  Unlike May which is a little too dry and dusty for me, November is one of my favorite months, I find the jungle refreshing green, the ocean comfortable, and a near absents of dust, tourist and humidity.  With the help of heavy rains last summer the jungle flourished longer then normal, up until the end of April.  By then the jungle quickly gave up its lush green appearance.  The lagoon continues to drop with Water Lettuces rapidly covering its surface.  Do we need rain!!

Town-wise, On May 2nd contractors began working on the last section of the Ave Tercer Mundo reconstruction project, an area location between Calle Ceilan and the bridge.  To date workers have removed the paving blocks, and are now installing new water lines.  While construction of the remaining planters is moving along at a fast clip, other workers are landscaping the finished planters with shrubs and palms. There are two one-way detour routes around the construction area.  The out of town route is a straight shot across Calle El Salvador to the main highway. The route leading into town goes across the bridge and then quickly turns left, follows the river and then back to Ave Tercer Mundo at Calle Ceilan, but be alert on this one; it’s narrow, dusty and very rough.

Over the past seven months heavy dust from construction work on the last apartment has made its way into the interior of the box nursery and apartments.  Hopefully before the first volunteers in June, I will have the yard and the first volunteer house cleaned. 

With the arrival of the first volunteers in June we will begin work on the beach nursery. We must relocate it away from waves and/or as high as possible to avoid the flooding problems we experience last year.  The Bamboo fence post will be replaced with painted steel fence posts and the small ½ by ½ inch white wood stake that identify the rows will be replaced with ½ inch PVC pipe, so sorry termites!  The fence itself will be the same, an orange plastic barricade fencing used on construction sites.  Shortly after the relocation of this nursery we will begin work on the box nursery in mid-July when Jim and Linda are scheduled to arrive with plastic sheeting needed to recover this nursery

For 19 years I’ve lived with the terrible thought of hurricane wind and waves destroy the beach nursery, includes any other nest left in the beach.  The box nursery at my house was originally designed as a hedge against such a disaster, which has worked well, but hurricane winds could destroy it as well.  Annually within anyone season there is only room for 650 nests in the box nursery, any nests beyond that figure must be relocated on the original beach where they were found.  Occasionally throughout the world prime nesting beaches and thousands of nests therein are destroyed by hurricanes.

Volunteer-wise, as compared to last year the enrolment of volunteers has gone well, although within the last thirty days we have had eight cancellations, normal for any year.  By June we have enlisted 31 volunteers, 16 are return staff, 19 from USA, 5 from Canada, and others from Sweden, Spain, Italy and UK, see  Still room for one or a couple of volunteers for the months of June through July.

Over the past 12 months we’ve sold 136 Group T-shirts, this is only 18% of what we had sold eight years ago.  As for Homeowners Directories we’ve sold 131 this year, down by only 7% over last year.  We have 400 T-shirts and a few directories on hand; if you are in need of one please drop by, top floor on the right at the nursery

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C
Mexico tel. (311) 258-4100
Skype: turtlebee
San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico


       The Group's dune buggy is what I call a necessary evil, we would like to keep it off the beaches,
       but without it the poachers would be back on the beaches.

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